May 2016  
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Any students currently attending Heard County Schools as an open enrollment student will be reviewed in April. After review parents will receive notification of tuition procedures for next school year or the need to make alternative arrangements for their child. No reapplication process is necessary.

Anyone interested in applying for consideration of their child as an open enrollment student beginning in 2016-2017 can apply at anytime. However all new applications will be held and none will be considered until final 2015-2016 records (report cards, test scores, etc.) are submitted to be added to the application file. The open enrollment committee will meet in May, June and July to consider completed applications.




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Welcome to the Heard County School System!

The mission of the Heard County School System is to educate and prepare students with the knowledge and skills to successfully meet current challenges and those of the future.

Heard County Schools will…

  • have high academic and behavioral expectations for all students
  • increase student achievement
  • provide access to and promote use of technology by students and teachers
  • provide high quality facilities and equipment
  • have a true alternative program for behavior and academic intervention
  • support well prepared and trained teachers
  • have an atmosphere that promotes positive teacher and student interactions and relationships
  • nurture students and support growth of individuals' vision for the future
  • operate within a framework that facilitates parent, community, and government involvement and communication
  • promote school and community pride


Our school community is made up of 5 schools.  The schools are Heard County Comprehensive High School, Heard County Middle School, Heard County Elementary School, Ephesus Elementary School and Centralhatchee Elementary School.

Since 2000 the Board of Education and Heard County community has actively supported a revitalization of education in Heard County as evidenced by their strong support of SPLOST referendum's to build  in Heard County a new middle school, a new elementary school, and a new high school and to complete extensive renovations of existing schools.

The forward looking support of the community and board includes support of improvement initiatives and a continuous improvement process.  Through this process Heard County School System plans strategically and systematically for improvement of student learning, organizational effectiveness and parent and community involvement.