System Crest

The Heard County School System is proud to announce that the graduation rate for the Heard County High School Class of 2022 was the highest recorded in school history. The final calculation of the 2022 graduation rate was released by the Georgia Department of Education on October 5 for all high schools and school districts in the state. The final 2022 graduation rate for Heard County High School was 96.2%, which is calculated by tracking students beginning in their freshman year. “This historic outcome is the result of the efforts of not only our incredible high school faculty, but the entire school system,” stated J.J. Wahl. “From the Pre-K or Kindergarten teachers who introduce the building blocks of reading through the twelfth grade teachers who teach advanced subject matter and career related content, each teacher moves the student a step closer to success.”

While the graduation rate for the Heard County High School Class of 2022 was the top when compared to past years, it also continued a recent trend of being the highest when compared to other area school systems. Additionally, the 96.2% is significantly higher than the state average of 84.1%. “More than just a number we can be proud of, the graduation rate represents the percentage of students who have gained the critical skills necessary to build a successful future,” added Heard County School Superintendent Rodney Kay. “Whether they enlist in the military, enter the workforce, or enroll in college, our goal is to make sure our students are prepared through the graduation process.”