free until June 2021

USDA announced recently that all students will be able to receive free meals, both breakfast and lunch, at school until June 2021! 

Here are 5 great reasons your child should get a FREE school breakfast and lunch!

  1. School Meals are Safe - We have an average of two ServSafe certified School Nutrition Professionals in each school café and we have adapted to COVID-19 guidelines. Each school café receives two health inspections each  year. We've already had our first round of inspections for this school year and our district has an average health inspection score of 99.4 out of 100!
  2. School Meals Save You Time & Money - With school meals being free, you can cut back on your grocery bill each week! School meals also take the guesswork out of meal preparation for your family. 
  3. There is Enough for Everyone! - When your child eats school meals, it does not reduce another child's ability to receive school meals. In fact, serving more school meals helps our local economy, our local school nutrition program, and supports local farmers by serving Georgia Grown items. 
  4. School Meals Connect with Students - School meals connect students to their school, peers, and school staff. 
  5. School Meals are Healthy & Delicious - Quality school meals are the mainstay of our school nutrition program. Our School Nutrition Professionals serve fresh and healthy meals that cater to students' nutritional needs. An added bonus is our school meals are absolutely delicious!