The Heard County School System will offer a virtual option for students in Grades K-5 for the 20-21 school year.  Accelerate Education will be the online platform of choice, and parents can choose this option by filling out a simple Google Form.  The Google Form will notify school officials of the parent's intention.

Superintendent, Rodney Kay, put out another letter addressing the Brave Nation regarding the virtual option for K-5 students.  Mr. Kay's letter can be accessed here.  Mr. Kay commented, "I would like to thank our Board of Education and our instructional leaders throughout our system for their dedication to finding a solution for K-5.  Things didn't look too great just a week ago when we published our initial plan.  Today, we are very pleased with what we will be able to provide for our students."

Kay also added, "I want it to be very clear for our parents.  This virtual learning opportunity is very different from what they experienced at the end of last year.  The parent/adult will truly be a learning coach and they will be counted on very heavily to be a liaison between the student and the school.  These young learners who take this option are still our Heard County students, but it is vital that parents understand the role they must play."  The role of the learning coach is explained in detail through this video from Accelerate Education.

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Superintendent Kay's Letter

Learning Coach Video From Accelerate Education