MEDICINE AND FIRST AID- Students are not allowed to have any prescription or non-prescription medication in their possession while at school. If a child has to take medication of any kind at school, the parent should bring that medication to the school in the original container and complete a medication form giving permission for administration and specific dosage instructions.

No medication will be given to students at school unless it has been supplied by the parent, along with the appropriate permission forms. Prescription medications must be in the prescription bottle and must be brought to the school by the parent/guardian.

The nurse or other staff members may administer basic first aid including using topical ointments, applying bandages, checking temperatures, etc. No oral medication will be provided by the school. In case of a severe accident or health problem, the school will attempt to contact the parents and/or the Heard County Emergency Services for assistance. A copy of the accident report will be sent home as soon as possible and a copy will be filed at school.

See the school nurse if your child has medication needs or you have other medical needs/questions.