• Clean your hands before reading the book.

• Do not eat or drink while reading the book

• Never write, scribble, glue, or cut the pages of a book.

• Save your place with a bookmark, not by folding a page.

• Turn pages carefully using the top corner of the page.

• Carry your book in a book bag to keep it safe.

• Keep your book away from water.

• Put your book in a safe place such as your book bag.

Damaged Media Center Books

If a library book becomes damaged, please do not try to repair it yourself. The Media Specialist is trained in book repair techniques that can restore the book to near new condition in most cases.

The Media Specialist uses special glues, tapes, and other materials to repair library books. These special glues, tapes, and other materials do not contain chemicals that will not cause further damage to the book. Using household materials to repair books contain acids that will cause further damage to the book over time.

It is best to paper clip the damaged page to the other pages in the book and return the book to the media center to be professionally repaired by the Media Specialist.

Always hand the book to the Media Specialist and inform him about the damage to the book. Prompt care can make repairs much easier.

If a book can be repaired the student will not be charged any fees. If the books is beyond repair there may be fees to replace the book. These fees will be determined by the Media Specialist based on the age and condition of the book prior to the patron borrowing the book.